Welcome to Prof. Velumani's MREB group belonging to Section Solid State Electronics, Department of Electrical Engeneering at CINVESTAV-IPN, México city.The group is mainly focused on investigation of materials for Photovoltaic , Photocatalysis and Biomedical applications.

The mission of MREB group is to develop novel micro and nanostructured materials for photovoltaic, photocatalysis and biomedical applications. The objectives are:

  • Develop a cost-effective hybrid photovoltaic device.
  • Develop a prototype of Photocatalytic system for degradation of waste water using Visible light.
  • develop biosensor using plethora of nanostructures for virus and cancer detection, as well as theranostic nanoflotillas for imaging and drug delivery in cancer animal models.

In 2009, Prof. Velumani won a very prestigious CONACyT project to set up National Laboratory for microscope now named as “Laboratorio Avanzado de Nanoscopia Electronica” with an investment of about 5 Million USD and served as coordinator till October 2013. During the period 2008 to 2015, he won various projects from CONACyT, European Union, Mexican industries related to Au-Fe3O4 core shell for medical application, Bismuth Vanadate, nanocoatings etc. He is founder member and the first Academic Co-ordinator of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Program. 

He established and was the first Co-ordinator (2008 to 2013) of Coordination for International Relations (CORI). Recently, he participated as executive committee member in the Coordination for Innovation, in the prestigious Mexican Government initiative on “Centro Mexicano de Innovación en Energía Solar (CEMIE-Sol).” 

So far he has published more than 120 research articles in leading peer reviewed international journals with about 600 citations (H factor 19) and have more than 200 conference presentations. He served as a guest editor for about 10 special volumes of various journals published by Elsevier, Springer and TransTech etc. 

He has delivered more than 25 invited and plenary talks and organized more than 20 International conferences in collaboration with different countries.


The research accomplishments of MREB group involve the design, fabrication of CISe and CIGSe absorber thin films for electrical, optical, and solar cell applications. Most of the research involves layer by layer deposition of heterostructures to make complex multilayered thin films for solar cells. The group has achieved 11% efficiency in CISe hybrid multilayered solar cells in collaboration with French Scientists.

The MREB group is involved in designing a prototype for photocatalysis using BiVO4 and doped BiVO4 powders and thin films. Such novel prototypes have got the capacity to photodegrade waste water using visible light.

Hyperthermia is another avalanche, in which the MREB group is keenly working on. The group is involved in the synthesis of magnetite, maghemite, Cobalt ferrites, Manganese ferrites and their encapsulation by gold to synthesize Yolk-shell nanoparticles. These complexes are exploited for plethora of applications such as drug delivery, Biosensors, MRI and Hyperthermia. The group also works on graphene quantum dots and ZnO thin films for viral and cancer detection

The group is also involved in fundamental studies such as simulation of molecular structures and understanding the density of states of the compounds.

This web site is dedicated to give a brief description of our research, lab-facilities, publications, staff and the vacant position for graduate students / postdoctoral fellows.